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Get 1.15 $ebux for every $1 of paid* 

* Limits apply

Rebel Blaster
An 8 Bit coinAn 8 Bit coinAn 8 Bit coin
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Protocol Sheild
Graviton Lance
An 8 Bit coin
An 8 Bit coinAn 8 Bit coin
Plasmic Blast
Vitus Strike
Blitz Orders

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Frequently asked questions

How do I earn $ebux?

Sign up for an account at and connect your wallets across supported chains. Once connected, you can buy NFTs with full creator fees as you normally do or shop at our game or merchant partners.

How do I redeem my $ebux

Login at, find a unique offer and redeem your $ebux. We have unique offers curated by creators and partners. $ebux can also be withdrawn and used outside of the eBux Rewards Network as an alternative to traditional stablecoins.

Where are the rewards coming from?

Creators partner with eBux to issue $ebux to their collectors who buy NFTs and support them by paying pay royalties. The eBux Network honors the $ebux redemption value at our published redemption rate.

Can I exchange $ebux for other crypto assets?

In the future, members will be able to redeem $ebux for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and others.

How can I get my NFT project involved?

More questions? Reach out to

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